Probe Look Dev

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Here are some renders of the look dev of the probe. I expect to do a fair amount of tweaking after the probe is sitting in its destination.


Planet Look Dev

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Here are some beautiful images of the Planet.  Look development is coming close to completition. Some compositing was utilized for very realistic resutls.globe4globe3globe2globe1

Nebula Test

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Here are a few test renders of a Nebula that might work well in the far distance. I hope for it to complement the more greater depth Nebula that Chris is working on.

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Week 3 Planet

Here is some progress of the planet.  The camera move has some issues, as well as a host of other things, but overall I’m confident that this planet will look sweet by week 10 😉

Nebulae Progress

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Been working on some nebula -related stuff.  In this render, I’m projecting a matte painting through a particle volume in Maya.  This is just a proof-of-concept render; the color in the final render will probably come from some procedural textures rather than the matte painting.  Of course, this will be just one of many volume/atmospheric layers.  I also plan on doing some fluids and point renders for some hero nebulae.


Probe Complete – mission 1 – success

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Here are some quick Ambient Occlusion renders of the Voyager Probe.
I exercised artistic license greatly due to the lack of quality reference images.

Look Development

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Here are some images of the current stages of look development. Many technical test are currently under way on the Nebulae. This current render features maya fluid effects technology.